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Wading through hundreds of resumes to find the right fit for your team?

 Allow Proiasys to cut to the chase. We specialize in hard-to-fill positions in the flowing technologies. We’ll have your shortlist ready, you just have to make the final decision.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

We work hard to make a positive impact on the careers, lives and, businesses we touch. That’s because we care enough to listen closely to the needs of our candidates and clients, and we go the distance to deliver on our promises.

Who's hire our consultant.
Wipro | Amazon | Google | Deloitte | Apple | Microsoft

Machine Learning Researcher/Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are excellent data managers who design software that can run on their own for predictive model automation.

Who's hire our consultant.
Google | Apple | Samsung Research America | General Motors | Toyota Research Institute

Data Scientist

These are the data experts that use their analytical expertise to unveil solutions to business challenges. They make use of their skills in tech to manage data and analyze trends.

Who's hire our consultant.
McKinsey & Company | Cognizant Technology Solutions | Unilever | Accenture | Google | Dell,

Data Engineers

If you are looking for someone to find trends in existing data sets alongside developing algorithms to make more sense out of the raw data, you are basically looking for a data engineer.

Who's hire our consultant.
Verizon | Amazon | Deloitte | Philips | SAP | Collabera | TCS

Data Architect

A professional who understands the core concepts of data that include designing, creating, deploying, and managing the data structure of an organization.

Who's hire our consultant.
American Express | Allianz Life | Bank of America | Rackspace | Colgate-Palmolive Company

Full Stack Engineer

A full-stack developer is a web developer who has working knowledge of databases, creating user-facing websites, and also works with clients during the project’s planning phase

Who's hire our consultant.
Microsoft | 6sense | Cognizant Technology Solutions | Fidelity Investments | Barclays | Randstad US

Back-End Developer

Backend developers make use of programming languages to create code that makes web applications function effectively. They can also develop the application interfaces used by the mobile version of web apps.

Who's hire our consultant.
Microsoft | 6sense | Cognizant Technology Solutions | Fidelity Investments | Barclays | Randstad US

Cloud Architect

When we talk about a cloud architect, we are referring to an IT specialist who is responsible for developing the computing strategy of the company that includes cloud adoption plans, application design, and its proper management and monitoring.

Who's hire our consultant.
Google | Accenture | EY | Microsoft | Amazon | Novetta