Our promise to you - we WILL fill your difficult IT roles!

What is Talent Guaranteed?

Talent Guaranteed is Proiasys's promise to our clients that we can, and will, find the best candidates for their critical IT hires.

If you have been struggling with a challenging IT position in your business, proiasys's Talent Guaranteed offering is a retained search solution, and your answer to filling any role.

Why should I choose Talent Guaranteed?

Here at Proiasys, we understand that the cost of not being able to source vital IT candidates for your organisation can be expensive.

The lack of an essential employee within a company can lead to:

By using our team of trained Talent Guaranteed IT recruitment specialists, you will benefit from:

Ensuring we find the best IT talent in the market.

The best bit? If you aren't happy, you will receive a 100% refund. Guaranteed.

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Finding the best IT recruiter to fill your critical IT jobs isn't always an easy process. Here at Proiasys, we understand that Talent Guaranteed is the technical recruitment offering that businesses have been looking for.

Save time searching through IT recruitment agencies, and submit an enquiry today - a member of our team will be in touch to give you more information, and to decide if Talent Guaranteed is right for you and your business.

Proiasys offers Talent as a Service, also known as TaaS, as a recruitment solution for businesses that are stretched when it comes to resource, thus making the internal recruitment process inevitably difficult. TaaS is our Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO) offering that delivers bespoke RPO, project or modular IT recruitment solutions to help your business succeed.

If your business is hiring IT or tech professionals but is struggling to find the time to dedicate to searching for candidates, briefing candidates on the role, organising interviews and making offers, Proiasys is able to help with the entire process. TaaS is a cost-effective and high-resource alternative to focusing any internal recruitment efforts into a streamlined and well-managed outsourcing process, taking the stress off internal hiring managers and HR.

Improve your recruitment process with TaaS

Ultimately, the aim of TaaS is to aid growth within your business and reduce the well-known drag of the recruitment process. Proiasys Recruitment Solutions can work as your virtual talent function, whereby TaaS is a recruitment partnership, not simply a third party to help with your new hires – even working onsite as opposed to virtually, if this works better for your business.

Through TaaS, you will receive your own dedicated Virtual Talent Manager who is able to organise and manage all aspects of the recruitment process; all your business will need to do is interview the candidates and decide who you would like to hire. Our services also include weekly calls, monthly meetings and technical testing for non-Proiasys registered candidates, where applicable.

Why should I choose Talent as a Service?

We understand the implications of not being able to source vital IT talent for your organisation.

The lack of essential employees within a company can lead to a variety of issues, such as:

Talent as a Service solves the following recruitment challenges: